[Impact of heating costs on families' budgets]

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[Impact of heating costs on families' budgets]

[Impact of heating costs on families' budgets]

Report on energy poverty, which affects twelve million people in France, like this couple with a child, who spends 300 euros a month on heating. Despite the state’s emergency aid, it is not enough. As of 2017, the Energy Transition Act provides for the renovation of 500,000 homes per year. Commentary on factual images alternating with interviews with Coline BECHU, president of the National Observatory of Energy Poverty (ONPE) Bruno LECHEVIN. [Source: France 3 prompter] With the arrival of winter, many of you are concerned about the heating bill because it weighs more and more heavily in the household budget... Poorly insulated housing and rising tariffs.. It is estimated that 12 million people are in energy poverty... State aid is not necessarily sufficient... Johanne VAN HOVE, Agnès GIRAULT-CARLIER









Publication date : 22 November 2016

Producteur: France Télévisions   -   Journalist : Van Hove, Johanne  -  Journalist : Girault Carlier, Agnès  -  Journalist : Bigard, Julien  -  Journalist : Berthier, Nathalie  -  Journalist : Pinol, Georges  -  Participant : Léchevin, Bruno
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France Télévisions


Credits:Journalist : Van Hove, Johanne-Journalist : Girault Carlier, Agnès-Journalist : Bigard, Julien-Journalist : Berthier, Nathalie-Journalist : Pinol, Georges-Participant : Léchevin, Bruno

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