Accident of the TGV Est in Eckwersheim

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Accident of the TGV Est in Eckwersheim

Accident of the TGV Est in Eckwersheim

Reportage. A review of the circumstances of the accident of the test train of the TGV Est in Eckwersheim making 11 dead and 42 wounded, on November 14, at the time when the families of the victims are received for the first time by the SNCF. Explanations on computer graphics, the excessive speed of the train -the train was traveling at 243 km/ hour instead of 176 km/ hour- would be the cause of the accident. SNCF acknowledges its responsibility and provides compensation for victims. Commentary on factual images, captions, archival images and synthesis alternating with the interview of Stéphane GICQUEL, national federation of victims of attacks and collective accidents and Gérard CHEMLA, lawyer of the families of victims.









Publication date : 5 March 2016

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Colnet, Claire  -  Photo Journalist : Treu, Lizzie  -  Photo Journalist : Le Bras, Tristan  -  Film Editor : Marini, Martin  -  Participant : Gicquel, Stéphane  -  Participant : Chemla, Gérard
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Colnet, Claire-Photo Journalist : Treu, Lizzie-Photo Journalist : Le Bras, Tristan-Film Editor : Marini, Martin-Participant : Gicquel, Stéphane-Participant : Chemla, Gérard

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