[Back to school: the transition from high school to college]

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[Back to school: the transition from high school to college]

[Back to school: the transition from high school to college]

Report. Every year in Montpellier, 1,500 students enter the Faculty of Science and for some, the transition to high school is often difficult. In order to guide and support them in their new school environment, experienced students are posted throughout the faculty during the pre-school week. The teachers of the main subjects also inform them about the functioning of the campus to reassure newcomers. Back to school is also the way for student associations to make themselves known. Each discipline is represented and their goal is simple: to inform, help and support students. Commentary on factual images alternating with interviews with Fanny PATRAS, 3rd year of health biology and Bastien VINCENT, president of the association Quanta (L3 Physics). [Source: France 3 prompter] Going to college is often the big leap into the unknown... After high school years, you have to know how to manage yourself... Not always easy... At the Université de Sciences de Montpellier we experiment a week of adaptation to find the right pace of work... Caroline Agullo, Guy Spica









Publication date : 3 September 2015

Producteur: France Télévisions   -   Journalist : Agullo, Caroline  -  Journalist : Spica, Guy
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France Télévisions


Credits:Journalist : Agullo, Caroline-Journalist : Spica, Guy

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