Polemic around the Gardasil

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Polemic around the Gardasil

Polemic around the Gardasil

Doctors question the utility of Gardasil, a controversial vaccine for cervical cancer More than 500 of them are calling for a parliamentary mission. Last December, nine women filed complaints after suspected adverse effects. Report on the timeliness of the Gardasil vaccine when more than 500 doctors have just signed a petition calling for a parliamentary mission on this subject. Interview with Dr Gérard DELEPINE, surgeon hostile to this vaccination, which could deter girls from being followed regularly when it is the only prevention. Cervical cancer kills 1,000 women every year. In France, only 30% of girls are vaccinated. Too little according to the government that wants to double the vaccination recommended by the High Council for Public Health. Abroad in some countries where vaccination is almost systematic studies have been carried out: interview with Professor Christian PERRONNE, the High Public Health Council, which reports the very significant drop in precancerous lesions among vaccinated girls. 9 women have filed complaints in France, but the ANSM believes that the benefit/risk ratio of the vaccine remains favourable.









Publication date : 30 March 2014

Producteur:    -   Journalist : Sinz, Caroline  -  Journalist : Deschamps, Pascale  -  Photo Journalist : Le Bras, Tristan  -  Film Editor : Violet, Michel  -  Participant : Delépine, Gérard  -  Participant : Perronne, Christian
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Credits:Journalist : Sinz, Caroline-Journalist : Deschamps, Pascale-Photo Journalist : Le Bras, Tristan-Film Editor : Violet, Michel-Participant : Delépine, Gérard-Participant : Perronne, Christian

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