Pension reform: increase in the duration of contributions

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Pension reform: increase in the duration of contributions

Pension reform: increase in the duration of contributions

Presentation of the government’s pension reform project. It provides for a 43-year contribution period and an increase in contributions. Medef is alarmed by the increase in contributions and thus the cost of work. Interviews with Laurent BERGER, General Secretary of the CFDT and Pierre GATTAZ, President of the Medef, excerpt from a statement by Thierry LEPAON, General Secretary of the CGT on France Inter (filmed radio). THIERRY LEPAON " A young person who, on average, is entering the labour market at the age of 26, when 43 years of contributions are announced for retirement, It puts a full retirement at 69 at the same time that employers lay off employees on average at 56. LAURENT BERGER "Retirement is: I contribute and receive entitlements in return for this contribution. The majority of retirement funding must be based on contributions. The CSG is for other necessary funding such as health or loss of autonomy. PIERRE GATTAZ "Taxing is not reforming, overtaxing is creating unemployment. Using the contributions to continue to solve the country’s problems will result in a 15% unemployment rate.









Publication date : 28 August 2013

Producteur: France 3   -   Journalist : Courtellemont, Marie Pierre  -  Journalist : Bessin Besseyrias, Elodie  -  Photo Journalist : Salem, Noë  -  Film Editor : Korwin, Stéphane  -  Participant : Berger, Laurent  -  Participant : Gattaz, Pierre
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France 3


Credits:Journalist : Courtellemont, Marie Pierre-Journalist : Bessin Besseyrias, Elodie-Photo Journalist : Salem, Noë-Film Editor : Korwin, Stéphane-Participant : Berger, Laurent-Participant : Gattaz, Pierre

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