AIDS: preventive and therapeutic vaccines

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AIDS: preventive and therapeutic vaccines

AIDS: preventive and therapeutic vaccines

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, this report takes stock of research in a Pasteur Institute laboratory: a preventive AIDS vaccine developed by Frédéric TANGY from the base of the measles vaccine, is currently being tested in Belgium. A second, therapeutic vaccine, which recreates the natural immune defences of some women infected with AIDS, could also be developed. Other countries are also working on vaccine projects. Financial issues are important for laboratories. The commentary on factual images and scientific images alternates with the interview of Frédéric TANGY, Director of the laboratory "Viral genomics and vaccination" at the Institut Pasteur and director of research CNRS, François BARRE-SINOUSSI, 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Pasteur Institute.









Publication date : 1 December 2010

Producteur: France 3   -   Journalist : Pourquery, Elisabeth  -  Photo Journalist : Girault, Agnès  -  Film Editor : Korwin, Stéphane  -  Sound Recordist : Vidal, James  -  Participant : Tangy, Frédéric  -  Participant : Barré Sinoussi, Françoise
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France 3


Credits:Journalist : Pourquery, Elisabeth-Photo Journalist : Girault, Agnès-Film Editor : Korwin, Stéphane-Sound Recordist : Vidal, James-Participant : Tangy, Frédéric-Participant : Barré Sinoussi, Françoise

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