Mosquito brings tropical diseases to Europe

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Mosquito brings tropical diseases to Europe

Mosquito brings tropical diseases to Europe

Report. A mosquito has been the vector of tropical diseases in Europe for several years. The aedes albopictus has for several years colonized the coast of the Maritime Alps, as it has in 25 years colonized huge areas in the world benefiting from global warming. It spreads through human means of transport (train, car...). In Paris a laboratory of the Institut Pasteur is studying the mosquito capable of spreading dengue and chikungunya, diseases against which there is no drug. A vaccine against chikungunya is currently being developed. Comments on factual images, illustrations and maps alternating with the interview of Charles JANIN, entomologist, Anna-Bella FAILLOUX, entomologist at the Institut Pasteur, Antoine FLAHAULT, of the French cell of research on chikungunya, Odile LAUNAY, researcher at the Cochin Pasteur Hospital.









Publication date : 13 October 2007

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Marinet, Gilles  -  Photo Journalist : Barrois, Mathias  -  Photo Journalist : Caron, Pascal  -  Photo Journalist : Wust, Arnaud  -  Participant : Failloux, Anna Bella  -  Participant : Flahault, Antoine  -  Participant : Launay, Odile
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Marinet, Gilles-Photo Journalist : Barrois, Mathias-Photo Journalist : Caron, Pascal-Photo Journalist : Wust, Arnaud-Participant : Failloux, Anna Bella-Participant : Flahault, Antoine-Participant : Launay, Odile

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