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Unusual candidates

Unusual candidates

[Source: France 2 prompter] And since starts today the official campaign with its messages for radio and television... a small nostalgic sequence with these old candidates more or less wacky whose face has sometimes been forgotten... Yes, there are many forgotten candidates in the history of the Fifth Republic. and you will see that before the campaign clips, (Launch the OFF) there was the clap to launch the candidate’s speech.. That’s Marcel Barbu, independent candidate in 1965. He made 1.15%.. ...... ...... (beginning Marcihacy) You may not have recognized him... We are still in 1965... Pierre Marcilhacy, who was ranked more to the left.. He had done 1.7.. And he spoke before all the others to the housewife in front of her little screen... ...... Louis Ducatel.... It was in 1969... another independent candidate and a rather energetic style... .... Perhaps you have also forgotten Guy Héraud, a federalist candidate. As you can see, we are in 74... He remains in the annals of the presidential election... for having achieved the lowest score of the Fifth Republic... 0.08%... ..... Still in 74... Bertrand Renouvin, the first and until now the last royalist candidate (nothing to do with Ségolène Royal)... He did 0.17









Publication date : 9 April 2007

Producteur:    -   Presenter : Laborde, Françoise
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Credits:Presenter : Laborde, Françoise

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