Euthanasia at Besançon Hospital

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Euthanasia at Besançon Hospital

Euthanasia at Besançon Hospital

Fourteen cases of euthanasia were confirmed at the Besançon hospital. Commentary on illustration images interspersed by interviews with Vincent MAUBERT, CFDT-CHU de Besançon, and Paulette GUINCHARD-KUNSTLER, PS deputy of Doubs. The medical examination that was requested by the courts has just been rendered. This is mainly end-of-life support, but also active euthanasia, with injection of product. So the case could be prosecuted. Vincent MAUBERT, from the CFDT of the CHU de Besaçon, explains that these are injections of products. It is unclear whether the families were involved in the decision. Only one filed a complaint. Paulette GUINCHARD-KUNSTLER, MP (PS) of Doubs, spoke on the subject. Through this affair the social debate on the end of life is revived, with on the one hand the non-intervention for the maintenance of life at all costs, on the other the active intervention by lethal injection. After a plateau return, the document is dedicated to a hospital resuscitation service. The commentary recalls the articles of law relating to the end of life. Dr François Lemaire, professor of medical resuscitation at the Henri Mondor (Créteil) hospital, clarifies the difference between non-intervention and euthanasia. The comment is conspicuous on the vagueness of the law which nowhere mentions the term euthanasia.









File : Euthanasia

Publication date : 11 May 2004

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Boos, Christine  -  Participant : Guinchard Kunstler, Paulette
20 hours the newspaper   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Boos, Christine-Participant : Guinchard Kunstler, Paulette

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